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Tax Season is here!

Our tax season hours will be Monday to Saturday 8 am until 5 pm March to end of May (excluding April 14, 15 & May 20, 22) Filing deadline for 2016 personal income tax returns are Monday May 1, 2017. Even if you can’t afford to pay -file to avoid the late filing penalty.  WHAT’S […]

Do I qualify for the Coaching Tax Credit?

For the 2015, 2016, and 2017 tax years, teachers and teaching assistants in BC could qualify for a new non-refundable tax credit. If you perform at least ten hours of unpaid extracurricular activities, you may claim a tax credit of $500, which can provide a tax savings of up to $25.30. To be eligible, you […]

Are my trade related tools a deduction?

Many employed trades people must provide their own tools as a condition of employment. In recognition of this, an employed tradesperson is entitled to deduct the cost of eligible new tools acquired in a taxation year with a cost in excess of $1,146, including GST/HST. The maximum deduction for eligible tools is $500 for the […]

What if my job requires me to use my vehicle and phone?

Where you earn income from employment and are required by the terms of your employment to incur certain expenses, you might be able to claim a deduction in respect of these expenses on your tax return. Such expenses might include sales expenses for commission employees, travel expenses, motor vehicle expenses, professional or union dues, office […]

What is the Working Income Tax Benefit?

Low income individuals will be eligible for a refundable Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) tax credit in 2015. You must be a Canadian resident for income tax purposes throughout 2015 and be at least 19 years of age or living with a spouse or common law partner at the end of 2015 to qualify. The […]

Can I get a break on my taxes?

Sometimes you can! There are relief measures in place for taxpayers unable to comply with a particular income tax filing requirement. Under the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) guidelines for Taxpayer Relief, the CRA may grant relief from penalties and interest where the following types of situations exist and led to your inability to satisfy the […]

Why should I file early?

There are many advantages to filing your income taxes early. Get to the front of the line! Did you know that many professional tax accounting offices such as ours, have in house deadlines for receiving taxes that will make the April 30th deadline? Ann Harper Inc. has an in house deadline of April 20th 2016. […]

Oops! I made a mistake when I filed last years return!

Make a mistake when you filed last year? Ann Harper Inc. can help! T1 – ADJ: Making Changes to Your Return If you realize you made a mistake on your income tax return after filing, it is easy to make a change to your income tax return without having to re-file another return for that […]

Why fill out a tax return if you have no taxable income for 2015?

You might be eligible for the Federal GST/HST Credit and the BC Sales Tax Credit. An individual is required to apply for the GST / HST Credit annually by filing a personal income tax return. Low-income seniors can also re-apply for the Guaranteed Income Supplement by filing an annual personal income tax return. In addition, […]

2015 Tax season is here!

Our tax season hours will be Monday to Saturday 8 am until 5 pm March to end of May (excluding statutory holiday weekends) Filing dates for 2015 personal income tax are Monday May 2, 2016. Even if you can’t afford to pay – file anyways to avoid the late filing penalty. With the new government […]