Bookkeeping Fees

Bookkeeping Package Gold Silver Bronze Starter
These pricing models show where businesses generally fall into for monthly pricing Ideal for Established and Growing Businesses Ideal for Small & Medium Sized Businesses Ideal for Smaller & Growing Businesses Ideal for Start–Ups, Non‐Profits and SOHO
Estimate cost per month $750 $450 $250 $150
Approximate Monthly Transaction Volume <300 <200 <100 <50
Number of employees 25+ 10+ 1‐5 0‐2
# of bank/credit card accounts 2‐4 2‐4 1‐2 1‐2
Financial statements Monthly Quarterly Annually Annually
Perpetual inventory systems
Bank reconciliations
Customer invoice entry from clients info
Mailing of customer invoices
Tracking delinquent accounts
Accounts payable data entry
Accounts payable cheque preparation
HST preparation and filing
Payroll remittances and filing
Expense reports
Comparing actual to budget
T2125 Business statement, if applicable

Ann Harper Inc. operates on Fixed Monthly Bookkeeping Fees. Clients are only charged one monthly fee based on the number of transactions they send to us, not by the number of hours the bookkeeper works for them. All Financial statements are reviewed by a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with the client. Monthly fees are determined by which transaction range the client falls under.

Benefits you can expect from us:

  • Regular on time financial statements
  • Unlimited discussion of your accounting bookkeeping or tax needs
  • Monthly bookkeeping for a fixed fee
  • No more penalties from CRA
  • Data confidentiality and security
  • A professional accountant who believes in regular professional development
  • Save on income tax preparation by having the same firm process your bookkeeping and prepare
    your year‐end taxes