Year End Checklist

Here is the list of things we will require in order to compile the financial statements for your company:

  • A printout of the year end trial balance and detailed general ledger
  • A copy of the accounts receivable listing as at the year end date. Please identify any receivables which
    may be bad debts.
  • A copy of your inventory listing showing the value on hand at the year end date.
  • A copy of the accounts payable listing as at the year end date including accruals.
  • A copy of the bank reconciliations and final bank statements for all bank accounts as at the year end date.
    It is often helpful to provide all the bank statements for the entire year in case we need to refer to a
    particular entry.
  • A schedule of any fixed asset additions or disposals for the year including copies of invoices showing any
    purchase of assets greater than $5,000.
  • Copies of any new leases or rent agreements in force (just the page outlining the financial commitments
    will be fine).
  • Copies of your GST return for the year as well the WCB return and the remittance form to the Receiver
    General for payroll for the last month of the year.
  • A list of any business expenses paid by you personally on behalf of the companies which have not yet
    been reimbursed (i.e.: auto, meals, supplies, home office etc).

We’re sure the above will be enough to get us started. We will call with questions and requests for more
information if required.